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Vermont Political Revolution for better governance

I believe in and will abide by the following political principles:

  1. Term limits (2 for Senate)
  2. No conflicts of interest
    • No PAC or other Special Interest campaign funding
    • Reliance mainly on individual donations for campaign funding
    • Recusal from voting on issues with potential conflicts of interest
  1. Country ahead of Party
    • No automatic Party caucusing
    • Voting based on merits of individual issues

We need significant campaign finance reform. However, I believe in the interim, Vermont should insist on optimal ethics from its federal elected officials, whether required by law or not.

Ethical standards for elected officials should be the same as those for non-elected officials.

I believe in term limits for Congressional representatives to minimize patronage and potential for financial and other potential personal conflicts that go along with a life-long political career in Washington.

All significant potential conflicts of interest should be avoided. Vermont representatives should NOT accept PAC and/or other Special Interest campaign funding, and where they have accepted such funding, they should recuse themselves from voting on relevant issues.

Finally, I do not believe automatic Party caucusing is appropriate. Congressional representatives' voting should always be based on an assessment of what's best for the Country rather than Party.


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