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Detailed Platform Summary

Manufacturing infrastructure and jobs
  • Lower business overhead
    • Remove health insurance burden for businesses
    • Single-payer national health insurance (Medicare for All)
  • Boost competitiveness with green economy revolution (like in WWII)
    • Strict alternative energy and efficiency standards and tax incentives
    • Massive investment in mass transit and inter-city rail
    • Energy independence and energy security
    • Create millions of jobs
  • Lower risk to tax payer
    • Restore strict banking regulations
Save America's middle class
  • Lower middle class taxes, remove loopholes for wealthy
  • Remove health insurance burden and provide career flexibility with national health insurance
  • College education subsidies
  • Create millions of jobs with green revolution
National debt
  • Lower cost
    • 5% across-the-board budget cut
    • National health insurance
  • Raise revenue
    • Remove tax loopholes for wealthy (income, payroll, capital gains)
    • Increase business competitiveness with national health insurance
Save the planet
  • Green revolution (see above)
    • Prevent catastrophic climate disruption
    • Address balance of trade and national debt
    • Energy independence is ‘red, white, and blue’, not just ‘green’
    • Millions of jobs
  • Fair carbon tax
International relations
  • Support the troops
    • President Obama’s approach in Iraq and Afghanistan
    • Support mission accomplishment rather than predetermine failure
    • Cripple enemy’s economic base with energy independence
  • Two-state solution for Israel/Palestinians
  • More enlightened security (be a good neighbor)
  • Secure borders and enforce law
  • Path to citizenship for those already here (amnesty)
  • Controlled work visa program
Raise the bar for political ethics, take back Congress
  • Vermont Political Revolution
    • Term limits
    • Minimize conflicts of interests
      • No Special Interests money
      • Recusal from voting where one has conflict of interest
    • Put Country ahead of Party
      • No automatic Party caucasing
Live and let live philosophy
  • Women’s rights
    • Equal pay for equal work
    • Reproductive rights
    • Pro-choice for abortion
  • Gay rights
    • Same sex marriage rights
    • Revoke don’t ask don’t tell
  • 2nd Amendment rights
  • Marijuana
    • Legalize or decriminalize (with 10-year review)
Overall approach
  • Address underlying structural issues (not just ‘low hanging fruit’ bandaid pork projects)
  • Long term (sustainable) thinking
  • Personal responsibility
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