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  1. quity in economic policy
  • Observations
    • Life is needlessly too difficult for low- and middle-income individuals and families
    • Our economic system must be fairer so all have opportunity for pursuit of happiness
  • Solutions
    • Universal health insurance
      • Single-payer system (Medicare for all)
      • Equilibration of tax exclusion
    • Return to equitable progressive (income and capital gains) tax system
      • Will increase taxes for very high-income individuals and families
      • Will decrease taxes for middle-income individuals and families
    • Higher education subsidies
  1. quity in environmental and energy policy
  • Observations
    • Archaic dependence on carbon fuels
    • Effect on global climate represents a security (possibly existential) threat to the U.S.
    • Effect on international relations and balance of trade is a security threat to the U.S.
    • Effect on income expenditure, health, and leisure is a quality of life threat to the U.S.
  • Solutions
    • Green revolution
      • Transformational changes towards a green economy and jobs
      • Build the most modern mass transit systems in the world in every U.S. city
      • Smart development—cities with high quality of life, low commuting, and tax incentives
      • Smart design—buildings with energy efficiency, alternative energy sources, and tax incentives
      • Smart cars and appliances—high fuel efficiency and carbon emission standards, tax incentives (Feebates)
      • Smart power plants—mandates for high alternative energy use, tax incentives
      • Carbon tax—incentivize energy efficiency, adjust for work and family needs and transportation options
  1. quity in U.S. effort to address poverty in the developing world
  • Observations
    • Contributes to political instability and terrorism, resulting in a security threat to the U.S.
    • Our failure to lead by example is a security threat to the U.S.
  • Solutions
    • Global elimination of vaccine-preventable illnesses
    • Strengthening of malaria, tuberculosis, and HIV programs, and public health
    • Transformational improvements in infrastructure (clean water, septic systems, electricity)
  1. nlightened security
  • Observations
    • Failure to correct our own inequities (see 1 to 3 above) and inconsistent policies undermine our moral strength, resulting in a security threat to the U.S.
  • Solutions
    • Lead by example by correcting intrinsic inequities and inconsistent policies, establishing a foundation of moral strength
    • Address international problems and issues with a combination of non-military and military resources
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